Brewing high-quality Chinese Baijiu to meet the needs of global consumers. Inheriting and developing traditional Confucian culture, Create the first brand of "Chinese famous cultural Baijiu".
  • China's National Drink Baijiu

    China's National Drink Baijiu

    Like Scotch is in Scotland, Baijiu is China's national drink. Baijiu's unique brewage brings health benefits along with its distinctive aroma and tastes.
  • China's Oldest Baijiu Brand

    China's Oldest Baijiu Brand

    The tradition of this revered Baijiu dates back 2,500 years to 500 B.C. Originated from the Confucius' family distillery, once was served only to emperors and aristocrats.
  • Connects with Confucius' Wisdom

    Connects with Confucius' Wisdom

    Confucius said, “When drinking Baijiu, drunk and made mistakes is forbidded.” Please Drink Responsibly. Ganbei!